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Selection and Placement Services
  • Expert and top level selection, placement
    • Sales and marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Customer Relationship
    • Operation
    • IT / Information Technologies
    • Law
    • Product and Brand Management
    • Architecture and Engineering
    • Accounting / Finance
    • Banking
    • Logistics / Planning
    • Purchase
    • Assistant
    • Import / Export
    • Quality / R & D
    • Business Development
    • Executive Search
  • Collective Recruitment
    After the institutional expectation is determined, we will establish a team suitable for the company and position to complete case studies, examinations and collective interviews and processes.
  • Evaluation Center
    With the evaluation center applications, we will determine the most suitable candidates for your institution by the "Personality and Competency Inventories", the "Ability Tests" to be applied, and your selection placement process.
  • On-Site Recruitment Services
    In your busy intensive recruitment process, we complete your recruitment process with you at your company's location.
Sectoral Position Analysis
  • What Is Sectoral Position Analysis?
    It is important to know your competitors, employee expectations in your industry and current conditions in order to create a team that will contribute to your company and is suitable for your corporate culture.

    Following your competitors keeps you up-to-date on the corporate strategy and recruitment processes you will determine according to sectoral dynamics.

    Sectoral Position Analysis enables you to know the potential candidates who are actively looking for a job or not looking for a job that can provide added value, their expectations, and thus see the big picture about your sector.
  • How Do We Work?
    First of all, we analyze the processes of your company. Then, we start our work with our experienced team to determine the potential candidate suitable for your current job positions.

    We report candidates who have the right skills and experience for your company and who have the personal characteristics best suited to the needs of your company. With the Sectoral Position Analysis, we carry out project-based studies in accordance with the expectations of our business partners and take as a principle to provide in-depth intelligence in confidentiality.
  • What Are The Advantages?
    With regular Sectoral Position Analysis, an up-to-date talent pool can be created for your company, so that you can react faster if needed.

    With the advantage of sector awareness, you will be in a position to have more information than your competitors and have the ability to act strategically.

    With a well-researched list of candidates, you save time by quickly identifying, interviewing and hiring the right candidate. With the Sectoral Position Analysis study, you will find the opportunity to act faster by dominating the new developments of your sector.
  • What Does Sector Position Analysis Provide You?
    You can be sure that the ideal candidate exists in the market if the need for a particular role arises. You may need a managerial position, but your need remains uncertain until a comprehensive analysis of your industry with Sectoral Position Analysis.

    This analysis allows you to see the situation on employee market and ensure that you have the necessary information to decide whether or not to your company may hire necessary employee profile.

    Understanding the talent pool gives you a roadmap as you plan to enter a new geographic area, market or product range. Sectoral Position Analysis also helps you make the right decisions about your current or future managerial positions needs and promotion processes.