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Who are we?
Workforce Human Resources is a boutique consulting firm that aims qualified and efficient service concept and provides company–specific solutions by analyzing the company's needs correctly.

We operate with the awareness that the most sensitive point in the recruitment process is the effective communication, and we manage the business in the most accurate manner by well analyzing our business partners.

The key point of our performance; We correctly analyze the expectations of our business partners and our candidates.

While we guide the candidates who will contribute to our business partners by starting from the principles of good communication, trust and continuity, we aim to make candidates have the opportunity of business dreamed of.

Time is the biggest cost. Accurate Staffing to Provide Your Company with Time
Working Principles
In recruitment processes, we ask the right questions in order to determine the needs of our business partners and make suggestions.

We undertake all operational processes, including candidate interviews, reference research and job offers for trecruitment process. We provide language tests and personality inventory solutions due to demands and needs of our business partners.

We maintain confidentiality for all the information of our business partners and candidates. We do not show it as a reference without the verbal or written consent of our business partner.

We do not include the personnel of our business partners in our candidate pool.

We can flex this principle by the written reference of candidate redirect by our business partner.

We perform recruitment, selection placement and human resources management services, the job we know best, with good communication and we provide the fastest flow of oral and written information at every stage of our business partner.
Our Values, Our Principles
We know that we will grow with our business partners and candidates, we have the same vision as our partners and candidates.

We are proud that our partners and candidates are exactly in the right place.

Due to our conclusion and solution-focused approach, good communication and relationships, we always provide continuous cooperation based on customer satisfaction and trust.